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Precious Media  July 26 2014 

"Proud, determined Vikings, a macabre totem, a skull Pinocchio, a slightly creepy feast and apocalyptic tableaus that contrast beauty and the bizarre are amongst the characters and scenes featured in 'After the Fall' solo exhibition. The solid backgrounds, either jet black or gradient gray, sometimes enriched by blood red curtains and white snow, are used to frame the macabre, surreal objects or figures. Through her wonderful use of shadows she manages to heighten their mystery and add an air of prestige. They tell us stories about past times and the passing of time, possibilities and choices. Inspired by the familiar and history, her oil painting expose emotions while awakening them in us."

Helen Masacz was born and continues to live in London. Helen studied BA Fine Art in 2004, then to further develop her drawing and painting, she attended the London Atelier of Representational Art in 2012. Helen has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery on numerous occasions and at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition in the Mall Gallery, where she won the Art's Club Award in 2011.


2012     London Atelier of Representational Art, London

2007     PGCE Middlesex University, London

2004     BA (Hons) Fine Art Middlesex University, London


Portrait of Principle D Walford held at Mansfield College, Oxford University, Oxford. 


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