'Being an unruly student I was refused entry to art college at the age of 18 and, after a time in the wilderness took stock, graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art then studied further at a London Atelier School. I have exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, won the Art's Club Award at the RP and my work is held in collections nationwide. I consider my relationship with my art as a constant ‘work in progress’, evolving and changing with the creative current. 

My latest work draws on my passion for music; I have been interpreting album titles by well known musicians. For me our latest exhibition ’Face value’ represents the paradox between the familiar and the subtle narrative underlying contemporary culture. My painting, ‘Technical Ecstasy’, as an example, reflects the current climate of paranoia and violence in the world and describes how technology has created the means to destroy us, while accepting beauty as part of the process; and that destruction doesn’t stand opposed to creation but can also be an ally of it for life to flourish.’

Masacz is one of the founding members of Lot5 Collective