ARt CLASSES - Winter TERM in January

If you’ve been thinking of taking art classes my life drawing workshops are a great way to learn! As with any good art course there is a sense of progression through regular and honest application and effort. Making a commitment to oneself to draw seriously just once a week can have benefits that reach beyond the immediate image produced; drawing is therapeutic!

Classes take place in the back of the Woodman Pub. The room is well equipped with professional lighting, easels, drawing boards, chairs and paper. I only ask that you bring your choice of drawing medium ie pencil or charcoal and a rubber. I recommend Nitram charcoal and a Jakar blue putty rubber.

My classes are available in the following formats -

A block booking of 6 Life Drawing Classes
A block booking allows students to spend time on long poses with guidance of a tutor creating an accomplished well rendered life drawing. A block booking costs £81 which represents a 10% saving on my single session fee. If you would like to reserve a place I ask for a non refundable £30 deposit with the balance being paid when you arrive for your first class.
Please note unused sessions are not transferable to the subsequent terms. Nor can I offer refunds once the term has started. If you would like to reserve a place please click on the appropriate button below.

Single Sessions
If you are unsure life drawing is for you or would like to come along on a week by week basis single sessions cost £15. I ask that new students pay for their first session in advance using the appropriate button below. Subsequent sessions can be paid in cash on the evening.

All payments are made using PayPal so you know you are 100% safe!

I also offer still life drawing classes on a Thursday during the day and Friday mornings. If you would like enquire about joining please contact me. My details are available here…

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Single Session Life Drawing Class
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